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Unique Gift Shoppe at The Party Concierge: Valentine’s Day 2015


Finding the right gift isn’t hard through an endless option of fun and customizable gifts. Why do we say customizable?  Custom gifts add that special touch, reminding your loved ones just how much they mean to you. Personalized gifts reflect your understanding of your loved one, and ultimately create that special feeling that Valentine’s Day is about. At The Party Concierge Sacramento, we don’t just specialize in event design – we do personal creations, small and large. Remember, Valentine’s Day gifts aren’t just about red roses. We’ll show you how you can utilize our services to create unique Valentine’s gift ideas.

Have Fun with Custom Printing in Sacramento

Whether you’re planning a romantic evening with your special someone, a small get-together with friends or hosting a larger event, custom printing is your go-to for creating a Valentine’s Day mood. Our talented graphics department created these romantic glittered letters (pictured below). They can be easily used for different types of platforms.


This Bubbles & Beer sign was custom-made by our talented designers and added glitz to the small dinner party our client hosted in her home:


Adding a Festive Touch with Balloons

Custom balloon art in Sacramento isn’t limited to large venues and complex balloon arches. A small balloon bouquet is capable of sending the same message. Choose your loved one’s favorite colors, and create a fun, whimsical gift to surprise him or her. At The Party Concierge, you have the advantage of letting one of our experienced staff members help you. We can create a very special balloon decoration to stun on Valentine’s Day.


The Essential Valentine’s Gift: Flowers

Yes, flowers represent the essence of Valentine’s Day. There is nothing more exciting than surprising your loved one with a gorgeous bouquet of fresh flowers. As leading providers of fresh florals, The Party Concierge doesn’t stop at traditional flower arrangements. Whatever you imagine, we can create through our experienced and creative floral design team. Take this adorable dog creation as an example. How unique would it be to present a floral design of a beloved pet?



Here’s a custom gift that won’t fail to impress: Hot Air Balloon with Flowers

Our floral department created this unique flower arrangement including twigs and kale along with colorful flowers:


Custom Gift Baskets

Gift baskets, another example of a unique gift idea for Valentine’s Day. If your loved one has a number of interests, why not combine them into one? Party Concierge can assemble the perfect gift basket with all of your loved one’s essential favorites.


The Party Concierge is the best choice for unique gifts and our professional staff will help make a big impact for gift-giving. In this time of year, showing your loved ones how much you love them is rewarding. With custom printing services, custom florals, and balloon art in Sacramento, we can help you create the most special gift. If you are looking for more information about The Party Concierge’s Unique Gift Shoppe, please contact us today!

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