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The Happiness Hero Origin Story

Many teams like ours now sit down to our weekly meetings and discuss the hybrid companies we’re evolving into. For us, it’s asking how will we manage the risks and continue to celebrate milestones? With the ever evolving changing information and protocol, everyone is drained. Our staff alone has been reduced to half.

Lawrence looked around the room and began to explain the urgency for other family owned local companies like ours. Businesses are running the risk of closing forever. More people will be loosing their jobs if the community doesn’t make an effort to shop small to stimulate this economy.

Susan started reminiscing about how happy things were in the beginning, simply handing out balloons for free at parades. Truly missing traditional gatherings that we take for granted over the years. We don’t often get a chance to fully appreciate little moments after decades of major celebrations throughout this region in our industry.

The conversation evolved to recognizing the other small business owners and the people in our community that are making a difference. Maybe we could deliver them some balloons and print up some shop local signs?

Tom, our long standing GM spoke up,“We just need a Happiness Hero.” Everyone looked at each other from behind our face masks and we all knew he was right. Within 2 hours the idea spiraled into a grassroots, shop local, positivity campaign. Instantly we all began looking up this make believe superhero, and we started to treat the Happiness Hero as our newest creative recruit.

With the domain name secured, we brainstormed out the details and delegated to our in house team. Everything from super sketches, graphic landscapes, web pages, character animation, newsletters, stickers and yard signs were being sent back and forth to each other. We’ve all been excited about the project,

It’s taken everyone on our staff to bring our concept to completion. We’re usually leaping bounds rescuing party designs to celebrate our own work. It’s been special collectively working on something that’s only purpose is to unmask a smile.

Go to to learn more about how you can nominate & follow along. Hero signs encouraging others to shop local and save jobs are now available! Call us if you are interested in putting a sign up in your yard at 916-440-8080.

To order a balloon bouquet go to To nominate a local hero, go to our facebook page: To learn more go to

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