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Spring Fling Ideas!


Spring – this season presents to us a fresh and renewed atmosphere. While we enjoy blooming flowers and clear blue skies, we are in the mood to celebrate! At The Party Concierge, our event design and decor professionals in Sacramento know that you’re on the way to planning a fantastic Spring Fling for your school, organization or socially for friends and family. In the spirit of the season, we want to share with you our expertise in creating the perfect Spring Fling celebration. Learn how our balloon decor services, flower arrangements, prop rentals and ice sculptures all help to reflect the beauty of spring while setting the stage for a great event.

Spring Fling Essentials: Flower Arrangements

At Party Concierge, our custom floral specialists design and create a myriad of floral arrangements using the most colorful and fresh flowers available. To create a bright and cheery spring theme for your event, we recommend focusing on choosing flowers with a combination of spring colors and blossoms. Here’s an example of spring wedding flowers we designed.


Balloon Decor!

At The Party Concierge, we take our creativity to another level: our Sacramento balloon artists create fun, fresh balloon decorations that work with the Spring Fling theme. Take a look at our floral-themed balloon centerpieces below, we also included a custom printed sign, to tie in our client’s 1960’s theme for his birthday party!



Balloon decor are fun, festive, affordable, and will surely put our guests in a celebratory mood! Why not add more fun and festivity through our balloon designs and decor in Sacramento?


Cool Ice Sculptures & Ice Luges

Look no further than our ice sculptures and ice luges in Sacramento.

Ice sculptures are beautiful pieces of art and are sure to become a main focal point at your event. Our ice carving team in Sacramento is highly skilled in customizing any ice sculpture you can envision. Think of shapes, logos, designs or other things you can add to your theme – we can do it! For a Spring Fling, we think this sunflower ice carving reflects this season’s theme perfectly!


Read more about our ice carvings to see how we can take your event decor from mediocre to stunning! At The Party Concierge Sacramento, high-quality event design and decor is our top priority. To learn more about how we can contribute to your spring event, contact The Party Concierge today!

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