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Shark Week 2017: Production of Foam Shark Head for Hockey Themed Bar Mitzvah

Concept to Completion of Foam Shark Head for a Grand Entrance!

This past weekend The Party Concierge was in San Jose installing a 12′ tall foam shark head prop for a Sharks Hockey Team themed Bar Mitzvah. Our client came to us with the idea and we turned their concept into reality. With a sketch, The Party Concierge design team started working on the project rigorously, including programming the Kuka Robot and then fabrication began! Carving large chunks of EPS foam by machine (Kuka Robot) and by skilled hands the formation comes together. Endless hours of hard work from hand carving the teeth, hard coating the foam for a smooth finish, and painting it with precision and detail and the shark head was ready to make it’s grand debut!

Shark Fabrication

Let’s Get the Party Started!

For the Sharks Hockey Team themed Bar Mitzvah, The Party Concierge team installed the shark head prop as a “pre-game” guest entrance with lighted red glowing eyes and fog pouring out! We created a kids only VIP lounge with our white leather couches and acrylic LED lighted cubes with custom printed Brody decals to personalize the space. The dance floor was transformed into a hockey rink with printed decals. Mini ice carvings served as table centerpieces and a large ice carving of the Stanley Cup was staged center of the food area to really grab a hold of guests attention. The Party Concierge built a table top ice hockey arena as an escort table. Actual hockey pucks were placed in it and were labeled with the guest seating assignment. This Bar Mitzvah celebration was so special to Brody and his family, he will never forget his Hockey Party!

shark head prop
lounge furniture


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