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Now Selling Aqua-Resin Coating Products to the public in the Sacramento Area!

Party Concierge in Sacramento is now selling Aqua-Resin

The Party Concierge, is excited to announce that we are now selling Aqua-Resin coating products to the public in the Sacramento area. Aqua-Resin is an easy to use, non-toxic composite resin coating system. These water-based products are used in permanent interior & exterior applications in numerous fields such as thematic design, architectural, fine arts, industrial and educational. The Party Concierge’s team of artists have been using Aqua-Resin hard-coating products for a number of years for our custom designed props for events and as permanent installments and display projects. The Party Concierge has added Aqua-Resin products to our retail store which is open to the public. Inspired customers will now be able to purchase the products necessary to create their own hard coated projects. Artists, designers, builders & fabricators of all types in the Sacramento area will have a new local supplier of Aqua-Resin.

Aqua-Resin Hard Coating before and after

After carving a new prop, a mixture of Liquid “L” and Powder “S3” is made and the hard-coating process begins. Then a fiberglass reinforcement Aqua-Veil is used as a surfacing veil which acts as a binding system. After the hard-coating process is completed, our in-house artists paint the prop. Pictured is the fabrication of the foo dog props and horse props that we have available for rent.

Aqua-Resin Horse hard coating

Learn More About Aqua-Resin Here!

PC Artist, Nick Billings shares Aqua-Resin DIY- How To Video


Call Us –   For pricing & to place an order please call us (916) 440-8080

Online –   Online shopping cart is currently under construction, please email us your inquiry/order at

In Store – We are open to the public! The Party Concierge , 601 North 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95811-Store Hours: Mon-Fri. 9am-5:30pm

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