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Life's a Masquerade so Have a Ball


Mardi Gras is one of the oldest celebrations dating back to the 1700s. In 1872 Russian Grand duke Alexis Romanoff established the official colors of Mardi Gras as purple, green and gold to represent justice, faith and power. Mardi Gras has long since been associated with extravagant masked balls, colorful parades and fantastic costumes all reflecting the traditional Carnival theme. If you’re looking to add awe-inspiring flair to your next mardi gras party in Sacramento, we offer a wide variety of balloons, ice sculptures, custom foam sculptures, backdrops, fresh floral arrangements, graphic design services, and themed props.

The Party Never Stops

At The Party Concierge in Sacramento, we are always creating new and exciting props and decor for a wide variety of themes. You may wonder where we get all of our inspiration but it is simple when it is all around us. Our clients are our number one inspiration and we strive daily to exceed their expectations by offering an ever changing inventory that complements today’s most popular themes and trends. Our talented fabrication crew pays close attention to the smallest details ensuring unique and quality craftsmanship on all of our mardi gras decorations.

From Start to Finish

Here are our Mardi Gras jester’s before and after shots. It takes a dedicated team to see these types of projects through from inception to completion. From a simple idea comes a hand sketch which leads to a formal design. From a formal design a rough shape is born and then finessed by our carving crew before finally being painted and put into inventory for your next event.


Keep it Fresh and Fabulous

Fresh floral arrangements have always been a popular part of event planning and design. They bring a pop of color, texture and life to a space. Our design team specializes in incorporating your theme into their designs offering a unique twist on typical fresh floral centerpieces.


Turn an ordinary centerpiece into extraordinary by adding non-floral items to your design. A hat and mask really take this look above and beyond all while keeping within the Mardi Gras theme.


To appeal to your guest’s eye, play with different size containers. Try mixing up centerpiece styles and sizes throughout the event to peak interest and add variety. 

We’re Bursting with Creativity

Not all of our services require a team to accomplish success, but they do all require imagination and a willingness to think outside of the box. Check out this balloon mask sculpture one of our experienced balloon artists created as a Mardi Gras decoration. This mask was created using a number 8 megaloon laid on its side with a few additional latex and mylar balloons attached. Since it is an air filled design it is long lasting and will be enjoyed well through Fat Tuesday!

balloon mask

If you are interested in our event decor and designs in Sacramento, please contact The Party Concierge today!

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