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Lemon Make Over

Summer is in full swing.

    The State Fair is open at Cal Expo and across California local and regional festivals and fairs are filling the evening sky with twinkling

lights from their midways. Months prior to opening day the venders prepared their mobile food trucks for the Summer season. We had the opportunity to upgrade one of these food trailers. Our client wanted to stand out more and freshen up the appearance of his trailer. He dropped off his lemon shaped drink trailer for a quick make over. The first task was to prep sand the complete trailer and apply a fresh  coat of auto paint. The big change desired by our client was to convert his lemon into a combination Lemon-Strawberry trailer. After 3D modeling a few design options, a final design was settle on. The new parts were cut from EPS Foam and machined to shape. Seeds of the Strawberry were milled by our kuka robot. the stem and leaves were cut on our Hot Wire CNC machine. The Parts were attached to the original body and received a hard coat gel and primer prior to the final painting of the strawberry. So if on a hot day at the fair you come across a lemon-strawberry, stop in for a refreshing drink and compliment him on his fun rig.



Learn more about our foam carving and custom event decor Sacramento.

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