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Ice Carving robot

project, build the 3d model or create the vectors for the robot to machine.  Whether

we are carving ice or EPS Foam carving.  The material difference comes into play while setting up

the tool settings for rates of cut and step overs.  The right software makes things much

less complicated.  Our go to  software is Rhinoceros  and Delcam  Powermill.  They work well

with the type of projects we deal with on a daily bases.   A lot more thought and preparation

is required when using automated machinery as CNC routers and milling robots.

The conversion from sculptor to programmer is not always easy.

Give a sculptor a block of material , ice or foam and away he goes…

drawing the template lines on to the media and starts carving.

Not so fast with machines. You have tell the robot everything you know about carving the

sculpture using the milling software as your interpreter.  Sometimes the translation does not

work as you expected and it requires hours of testing and programing new technics to get the

results you are aiming for.  Once you have gotten the process worked out.

Duplication of a project is a breeze.  That is where automation makes a big difference.

Producing the same foam or ice carving over and over again, makes for a happy robot owner.

Learn more about our ice carvings Sacramento.

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