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Farm to Fork Dinner on the iconic Tower Bridge

Farm to Fork Dinner Wow, what a great event and a large undertaking by all involved.

Just the other day on my way to work I listened to one of our

morning radio host present the question. “Why does Sacramento

even need a Convention Center and Convention and Visitors Bureau.”

“How can we compete with the likes of San Diego, LA, San Francisco?”

Well, the correct questions are how can they compete with Sacramento?

Where else could this wonderful scene be created?


An iconic bridge closed for an evening, a banquet table that stretched out

over the bridge, dinner with 600 of your neighbors over a wonderful river, under

a perfect autumn evening sky.

The answer to this questions, is nowhere else But Sacramento.

With little fan fare the CVB and our Hospitality industry has

made Sacramento a food entertainment mecca.

It was a night out to be remembered. We should be proud of our city. We are

so fortunate to live here. It is the enchantment of a small town with the sophistication of a large city.

Thank you CVB and our hospitality industry for this special evening.  I look forward to next year

on the bridge.

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