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Deciding the Details: How to Choose a Consistent Feel for Your Party

As we know, a great party begins with the details. When planning your event decor, you want to keep in mind that creating a consistent feel throughout your party helps guests get in the right mood and serves to carry out a special message throughout your event. You might be wondering where you can begin in creating an event that reflects your desired mood and carries consistently throughout. We want to let you know that impressing your guests has never been so simple. Thorough planning and attention to detail always makes for a memorable time. Our custom event decor experts in Sacramento show you how you can create and maintain that special atmosphere that you have in mind.

1. Pick a theme.

Themes for parties are a great place to start. They provide guidance and give direction when deciding on props, details, etc. Don’t be discouraged about picking a theme if you’re wanting to keep it more simple: your theme doesn’t have to revolve around a specific motif. It can be descriptive and conceptual, defined by just a few details like elegant, fun, ritzy, eclectic. The goal is to provide some background to build off of. It’s crucial to communicate your vision to your custom event decor company or event planner. Once you the have your theme for your party set in stone, you can move forward with bringing your ideas to life.

2. Customize what you can.

Customization is always a great and approachable way to make your party more personable. That’s one of the great features in party planning: you can let your imagination guide you to anything you want to create, and it can be made. Custom banners, custom printing, custom party invitations and more are available through Party Concierge’s quality printing services in Sacramento.

In addition to printing, there are more outlets where you can customize and mold your party decor into a seamless theme. For example, foam carvings give you the option to create any stunning props to fill up your space and reflect the nature of your party.

3. Define your color palette.

Colors are key in creating that visually stunning event decor you imagine. Go back to the theme you planned and brainstorm what colors will add to expressing mood you are trying to convey. Through a party planner or from your own creativity, create a color palette that can translate to any type of decor you image. Once you have this set, it’s a lot easier to map out your everything from balloon decorations, stage design, party lighting, curtains and more for consistency.

4. Choosing small details to set the mood.

Sure, large and schematic party decor will definitely help you make your statement and curate that certain feel you are looking for. However, don’t overlook the smaller aspects of your decor. At Party Concierge, we know the difference is in the details! Turn to floral arrangements, party props and party supplies to add that special touch. As with all events, adding in the small details gives your event a polished and cohesive feel.

For over a decade, Party Concierge has provided hundreds of clients with custom event decor services in Sacramento. If you’re looking for a talented team of event design and decor professionals for your next event, contact us today! [metaslider id=4148]

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