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7 Tips on How to Make your Backyard Party Beautiful

As Covid-19 restrictions limit large parties, many are opting for intimate celebrations in their own backyard. Here are some fun ways to make your backyard party beautiful:

1. Starting with the invitations, make it personal! Sending out invitations in the mail is much more welcoming with these smaller parties and most likely everyone is at home to receive their invitation. Use a seal that matches the theme of your party. Upgraded paper materials and even calligraphy can set an elegant tone for your party even before guests arrive. To make RSVPs easier, you can always include a link to a website where they can RSVP, or have them email their responses. This is the perfect balance between elegance and convenience.

2. Incorporate fun and/or modern balloon designs into your backyard! From themed balloon structures to romantic accents, the balloons are an affordable way to make a big statement and double as a photo-opportunity!

3. Add some fresh flower arrangements throughout your house and on small tables in the backyard. Colorful or patterned linens on tables make a big pop of color.

4. Liven up the party with some yard games - even better: customize them! From Giant Jenga to customized corn hole, your guests will love that they can get involved and play! It is a backyard after all!

5. Elevate your event with rental furniture and LED accents. Create an elegant, luxurious look with white leather furniture, a fabric covered gazebo, with accents of balloons and flowers. LED acrylic cocktail tables and side tables only further enhance your event and allow you to insert your color scheme, or stay with the timeless and classic white acrylic.

6. Make sure you have enough lighting! You don’t want the party to end just because the sun goes down. Put out some up lights along large empty walls to enhance your theme colors and make sure your guests can navigate paths safely. Add some market lights above the main space to create a lovely ambiance.Use those LED acrylic tables to provide enough lighting in drinking/dining areas. Add lighting around the furniture and gazebo area.

7. And most importantly, don’t forget to accent the front of the house! Create a sense of arrival for your guests; make them feel special and give them a hint of what to expect in the yard! Rental props and custom signage are the perfect accessory for the entrance.

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