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601 Design Lab Profiled in Comstock’s Magazine!

Meet the area’s only six-axis carving Kuka robot and owner/operator Lawrence Crane. They can help you throw the most imaginative party ever, and much more. 3D replicating machinery puts The Party Concierge head and shoulders above competitors in the themed event décor business and allowed expansion into their new division, 601 Design Lab, creating custom 3D fabrication for contractors, architects, and other industries needing three-dimensional items for installation or permanent display that cannot be found anywhere else.

“We’re like a restaurant with a secret menu,” says Crane. “This robot can create permanent custom décor for multiple industries.” Increasingly, construction and advertising companies are seeking out 601 Design Lab, going behind the event curtain to find a design-build fabrication shop with the newest, highest tech equipment.

Lawrence Crane launched The Party Concierge with wife Susan in 1993 and the dimensional fabrication division, 601 Design Lab, in 2014. Each has more than 30 years experience and together they oversee a staff of professionals who design and produce intricate, customized design-build projects on state of- the-art machinery, including a Hot Wire CNC capable of cutting 2D profiles, letters, and logos from eps foam, and an HP SCITEX flatbed printer that prints onto glass, wood, sign advertising media boards and flexible materials such as fabric and vinyl banners, and a 3D scanner to digitize models or small figurines.

The Party Concierge’s 42,000-square-foot showroom in Sacramento’s River District is a vast wonderland of visual delights to make any business an impressive spectacle. Craftsmanship, artistry, and technology unfold throughout their massive headquarters — colorful printed graphics, 3D logo art pieces, retail displays, tradeshow booths, spectacular scenery design, and highly detailed party props all made on site.

“Advertising your business should be fun, creative, and grab the customer’s attention,” concludes Crane. Ignite your imagination and call to take a tour of The Party Concierge for all your advertising, design, custom fabrication and production needs.

Click here to see our 601 Design Lab profile published in the September issue of Comstock’s!

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