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10 Essentials for Making Your First Party of 2015 Count!

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Now that the holiday season is over and we can let the cold crisp winter air settle, it’s time to start thinking about the New Year and important causes and milestones that are to come in 2015! Whether it’s time for an employee appreciation party at your office, a crab feed for your favorite non-profit, your child’s school fundraiser, graduation, birthday celebration or anniversary, make it a party that stuns your guests and gets everyone in the mood to celebrate! At Party Concierge, we’ve had years of experience designing and decorating for the most exciting parties in the Sacramento area. From simple to extravagant, we know how to make your event unforgettable. Find our top ten custom event decor suggestions for making your next party count.

  1. Get started by choosing a theme! This adds more fun and anticipation to your party, not to mention helps keep your décor focal points cohesive, allowing the event to act as a magical storyteller.  If you’re not looking for a particular theme, choosing a color scheme is useful as well. Just keep in mind a consistent style throughout the décor will sure to impress. Choose colors, lighting, props and other designs elements that flow well together.

  2. Consider ice carvings. Not only do ice carvings add an upscale feel to your event, they are a great conversation starter. Choose a carving of your company’s logo for an even bolder statement.

  3. Beautiful event lighting sets the mood for any occasion. Event lighting props and LED furniture are both great options.

  4. If you’re aiming for a visually stunning party, floral arrangements are a must! Always choose the freshest flowers you can find. It is difficult to purchase fresh flowers that last longer than a day from your local grocery store, not to mention finding the right containers. Hiring a professional floral designer is a must, so find a custom floral design company for consultation.

  5. Balloons add a celebratory glamour to any event and they are more affordable than other décor elements…great for a school fundraiser! With their versatility, you can create balloon arches, balloon centerpieces, designs and more.

  6.  Use modern furniture for an upscale vibe. If you don’t own any furniture that will work then rent it. Furniture rentals are a no-fuss way to create a comfortable space for guests, without worrying about setup and delivery.

  7. Customize it! The great thing about event decor is that everything and anything is customizable. From party invitations, custom banners, tableware, and themed props, you can make this party unforgettable.

  8. Make your playlist special. Add songs that relate to your theme, or add favorite songs you know your guests will enjoy. Better yet, hire a DJ!

  9. Location, Location, Location! Shop around for the perfect venue. Don’t settle, and consider your options. The location, size and feel of the venue make a huge difference for you and your guests.

  10.  And most importantly, always keep your guests in mind. As we know, great friends, family, and colleagues are what make a party great. Remember to party for a cause and focus on the reason you are all joined together!

If you need a custom event decor company in Sacramento to attend to your event decor, get in touch with us today!

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